Last post. Thanks

This is the last post in this blog. Please every one must leave the blog. You can follow my journey by connecting Òscar's Blog. I want to thank all the people that helped and supported me during all these "too short" months in the city. Thank you also for all your comments and I hope to keep each other in touch. Tomorrow I'm leaving New York back to Barcelona. I truthfully believe that this is not a "Good Bye" but hopefully just a "See you soon". Anyway, the purpose of this blog, as a Report of the Adventures of a Catalan Exchanger in New York, is over. I will continue posting directly in my personal blog and maybe I will open a new one, the next time I come. So shall it be!

Dinner for two at Mercat

Yesterday night we enjoyed the only real Catalan food served in New York city. It is in Mercat restaurant by Soho. Ham, cheese, wine and "pa amb tomàquet" just the way it would be served in Barcelona. Among other delicacy we found the "Rap amb romesco" was absolutely remarkable. I strongly & very honestly recommend this new establishment of the city. We were actually celebrating the joy to be together but also the hard duty to say good bye.