Global meme

My good friend Gerard sent me a meme from China by which I should reproduce a paragraph of the book i am currently reading. As I am taking a course on globalization at NYU I will quote a bit of one of my last readings on this multifaceted process.

My read come from "Governance in a Globalizing World" by professor Joseph S. Nye and John D. Donahue as editors. This is a very interesting book about globalization and global governance concerning to its political, cultural, economic, environmental aspects among others. The quote is in its 128 page and says;

“cultural globalization, a millennia-old series of phenomena, has not resulted in cultural homogenization but rather in a far more complex process of interchange that can be variously termed hybridization, unicity, glocalization, and the like.”

I would like to invite to follow the chain to Jodi, Salva, Oriol and Guifré and to celebrate this exciting initiative.

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Oriol said...

Bona idea això dels memes (és el primer que rebo!), ara em poso a escriure un post al meu blog...

Molts records des de la pre-electoral Barcelona!