An evening at Shea Stadium

It all stared with a brief Gmail Talk in the afternoon: "Jodi: Dave is suggesting to go the Mets this evening. Vols anar-hi?" Obviously, my immediate and affirmative answer was a short "Visca!!!" That was all, a couple of hours after we were taking the 7 train express to the Shea. Since I'm in the city I never refuse any proposal for something new, more over, when we are accompanied with our friends Dave and Jen, stupendous people and always nice.

The NY Mets' Shea stadium is magnificent. I was expecting something smaller but it is really huge and surprisingly for a Thursday night It was pretty full. So Mets fans are truly loyal, I can tell! I loved keeping track of game's evolution through the score-board and following the fans directions like "Make noise" or "Let's go Mets!". Crazy!!!

In spite of the sad defeat of the locals, the game NY Mets vs SD Padres was exciting till the last minute. I enjoyed it a lot as I'm starting to fully understand the game bases and because I had lessons and real-time comments from Jodi and Dave, both experienced baseball fans.

Just a small note about the delightful American fast food you can taste on your seat while you watch the game. Sitting on the row we took the advantage of the moment to taste the delicious and already mythical Nathan's hot dogs with mustard and relish. By the way, I can not say the same about the disappointing beer and the fries.

So that was my wonderful baseball premiere, I can't wait for more magic nights at the Shea!


Jodi said...

un post brutaaaaaaaaal! the hot dog shot is sexy. i'm hungry just looking at it! LET'S. GO. METS!!!!!

salva said...

I was watching the game on the TV! Cool you two were there at the same time!

Oriol Cisteró said...


Com no comencis a cuidar el que menges..acabaràs com un bocoi!



Marina said...

Jo també vaig anar al Shea Stadium i és tal com ho descrius!
I el menjar també...
Encara que no en vulguis, hi acabes caient!