Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and it was really a wonderful day. It started very sweet in our home at St. Marks. As finally ended my last academic assignment I decided to spent the day out enjoying the neighborhood. Between two grey and rainy days yesterday the weather was pretty sunny and I went to the Prospect Park to have fun reading my Sant Jordi's books and take the sun laying peacefully on its long meadow's grass.

In the lunch time, I started looking for a cheap place to eat out around the Park. I left it by its west side walking calmly. Then I happened to take the 3rd street in the Park Slope and I confess that I joyfully fell in love again with this city. Honestly, the 3rd street at 8th avenue in Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful and quite places to live I have ever seen in New York.

At the corner of the 3rd st. at 7th ave. I found a very cozy Italian restaurant called "Sette Enoteca e Cucina". They were offering a nice price-fixed menu for lunch and I took the advantage of the deal to have a fresh salad and a delicious dish of pasta in its quiet patio by the 7th ave.

I have to admit that after the scrumptious lunch I went back to the Park to have a short nap. But the sky slowly turned in a little but cloudy and I decided better to go back home to wait for Jodi to come from her office.

When she finally arrive the amazing presents' storm started. The bill of gifts was long and generous and they all were given wisely and deliberate in a rhythm able to create an in-crescendo of awesomeness and emotion. I sincerely ended astonished, excited and very emotional. The list, preceded by a private and fun card, went like this:
1. A Mad Libs Book - The world's greatest word game - Good
2. An American English Proverbs Book - Very useful - Very good
3. Common American Phrases Book - For everyday contexts, what I needed - Very nice
4. An ultra-cool Brooklyn Industries T-Shirt (See the photo) - Brutal
5. A delicious Nano iPod - 8GB in Black - Bestially flabbergasting
6. The sweetest Photo Scrap Book ever seen from our last 6 months together - Demolishing

After the gifts orgy we recovered energy at a fusion Japanese-Thai restaurant by the neighborhood.

The food was correct but not as remarkable as the night deserved, so we decided to culminate the feast with a sweet desert at The Chocolate Room. There we enjoyed one of the 10 best Chocolate Cakes in NYC (NYMagazine2006) and a real and tasty Coffee Espresso conveniently accompanied by "Death Cub for Cutie" music. The day ended as sweet as it started. And so, happy birthday!

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"Transitant" said...

Happy birthday my friend!!!

Caram quina pila de regals, aquesta noia et convé!

Big hug!