Some city views

Downtown from the Empire State Building
Uptown form Kimmel Building in Washington Square

Subway images

36th Street, Brooklyn

Wall Street, Manhatan

Lexington Ave, Manhatan


Global meme

My good friend Gerard sent me a meme from China by which I should reproduce a paragraph of the book i am currently reading. As I am taking a course on globalization at NYU I will quote a bit of one of my last readings on this multifaceted process.

My read come from "Governance in a Globalizing World" by professor Joseph S. Nye and John D. Donahue as editors. This is a very interesting book about globalization and global governance concerning to its political, cultural, economic, environmental aspects among others. The quote is in its 128 page and says;

“cultural globalization, a millennia-old series of phenomena, has not resulted in cultural homogenization but rather in a far more complex process of interchange that can be variously termed hybridization, unicity, glocalization, and the like.”

I would like to invite to follow the chain to Jodi, Salva, Oriol and Guifré and to celebrate this exciting initiative.