Comedy Cellar

Yesterday night my boss, and though my friend, invited us to assist to a comedy show in the City. I went there expecting some smiles but too much fun. I was afraid about not to understand a simple word of the comedians, as my English is still quite elemental but I was wrong. The show was extremely fun. I indeed didn't understand most of that fast, clever and slangy English but more than I have expected. That guys are really good. Even only catching a few of their jokes you can have a nice time and enjoy laughing about every thing without any politically correct limit.


Stolen stones

We recently visited the Cloisters Exposition from MET. It is really a complete, interesting and amusing trip for a sunny Saturday morning. The exposition is sited at the top of the Manhattan uptown and you have to take a long journey to reach that extreme of the island. Once again you can find there another new city to discover. That solely is worth doing the travel but it's not all. The Cloisters are at the top of a hill rounded by a nice park. So you can enjoy the park as you climb the hill on foot. Once there you find a very nice views of New Jersey and the Hudson river from Manhattan.
I went to the Cloisters ready to stand the vexing contemplation of the stolen stones from the Sant Miquel de Cuixà Monastery in the North Catalonia. In fact the exposition is called cloisters because of precisely these robbed stones. However I did never expect major humiliation such as finding there the whole tomb of three Catalan counts of Urgell. Shame. Injustice.
Devolution right now!!!!


Memorial Day in Boston

Last Saturday we went to Boston taking advantage of the 3 days weekend. Boston is not a city like NY I'd rather talk about a town. But I happily found there the quiet environment i needed to rest from the NY hectic rhythm. It's a small and beautiful city full of historical spots that we visited following a very interesting tourist tour.